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Hospice and Home Health

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Home Health Therapy Services

Because people recovering from illness or injury often recover more quickly in their own homes, Avera@Home therapists are available to assist patients in the home setting. Therapists help to address pain, weakness, limited motion, inability to move around and transfer, swallowing and communication disorders.

Three general therapy areas may be available for patients:

  1. Physical Therapy

    The physical therapists provide services to help restore function, increase strength, improve mobility and balance, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease. The therapists help patients recover and return to the highest possible level of participation and self-sufficiency.

  2. Occupational Therapy

    The occupational therapists help the patient regain independence in everyday activities after an accident or illness. If the limitation is physical or mental, the therapists help the patient regain skills necessary for living meaningful and satisfying lives.

  3. Speech Therapy

    Speech therapists address problems related to cognition, communication and swallowing disorders. They perform a variety of speech-language services including problem prevention and diagnosis, consultation, screening and treatment.