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Upcoming Classes

Click below for more information on our upcoming events or to register online.

ACLS Classes

ATTENTION: ASHH Employees please contact Shelly Waltjer at 8287 prior to registering for onsite ACLS classes.

ACLS Provider



ACLS Renewal

May 1

Onsite BLS Classes

ATTENTION: ASHH Employees please contact Shelly Waltjer at 8287 prior to registering for onsite BLS classes.

BLS Instructor

PALS Classes

PALS Provider



PALS Renewal

April 28

May 26


Avera Med Aide On-line Training Solutions


Effective February 1, 2015 the enhanced Avera Med Aide On-Line Training Solutions program is available at  The course remains the same, however the content delivery, navigation and tracking feature are improved.  The registration process remains the same.  Contact us with any questions or feedback at

Facility Associated Students: Register here

Students with Nursing Pharmacology Credit: Register here

(Transcripts indicating Nursing Pharmacology Credit must be submitted to AESS for approval prior to program access) 

Independent Students: Register here

Avera Med Aide On-line Training Solutions - Train the Trainer


RN Clinical Sponsor: Register Here

Requirements to be a RN Clinical Sponsor:

The MED Aide RN Clinical Sponsor doing the (3) hour Skills Evaluation) must :

20:48:04.01:14 be is a registered nurse who is currently licensed as a registered nurse in South Dakota and has a minimum of two years of clinical nursing experience;

(3hour) Clinical Skills Performance Evaluation

Med Aide Exam Dates

Exams will be completed at Facility:

Registration for Exams 1, 2 & Final will no longer be necessary.

Upon course registration, the RN Clinical Sponsor will be automatically provided a STUDENT Username and Password allowing the student to access the course.  A separate EXAM CODE or password will be sent to the RN Clinical Sponsor to use to access the Unit Exams and Final Exam.  The exam code is a secure code and must be entered only by the RN Clinical Sponsor or his/her designated proctor. The RN Clinical Sponsor is ultimately responsible for the security of the exam code.  The secure EXAM CODE is not to be shared with the student at any time.

Once the secure EXAM CODE has been received, the exams will be available to test the student at anytime (24/7) convenient for the RN Clinical Sponsor.  (As a reminder, all exams must be proctored or directly observed by the RN Clinical Sponsor or his/her designee.)


Exams will be Completed at AESS:

Please contact AESS at (605) 668-8475 to schedule an Exam date and time.


Avera CNA On-Line Training Solutions 2.0

(Avera CNA On-Line Training Solutions Program has been updated to version 2.0 effective Nov. 4, 2014. No changes in course content or requirements have been made, only changes in the course delivering system)

Facility Associated Students: Register here

Independent Students: Register here  (Independents have all training completed within 6 months of being issued a ID/Password)

Avera CNA On-line Training Solutions 2.0 - Train the Trainer


Coming Soon!

CNA Clinical Dates 

May 16 & 17 (Saturday & Sunday)

July 25 & 26 (Saturday & Sunday)

October 3 & 4 (Saturday & Sunday)


Dining Assistant Program 

Call 605-668-8475 for more information.