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Treatment Planning with CT-based Imaging and PET/CT Fusion

Treatment Planning

In radiation oncology, planning is everything. Careful planning helps Avera Medical Group Radiation Oncologists maximize DNA-damaging radiation inside tumors, while sparing the healthy tissue around them.  To make the process easier and more effective, Avera Cancer Institute has invested in sophisticated treatment planning technology.

CT-based 3D Treatment Planning

Our CT-based 3D Treatment Planning system uses X-rays to create high resolution images of tumors anywhere in the body. In addition to diagnosis and staging, these images are used by Radiation Oncologists to help determine the most effective delivery method for radiation therapy and to design an individualized treatment plan.

PET/CT Treatment Planning Fusion

The nuclear medicine imaging technique known as PET Scanning (Positron Emission Tomography) is another vital treatment planning tool. By tracking the cellular uptake of an injectable tracer, PET Scanning creates three-dimensional images of functional processes in the body. When it is paired with CT technology in a state-of-the-art PET/CT scan, it can provide ACI doctors with critical diagnostic and cancer staging information in one fast exam.