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Hearing Aids & Hearing Aid Features


Hearing Aid Styles

Choosing the right style for YOU!

Completely in the Canal

Offers maximum concealment.  Suitable for mild to moderate hearing impairments.  Can be difficult to insert and manipulate.

In the Ear

Easier to insert and manipulate. Suitable for Mild to Severe hearing impairments.  Sacrifices some concealment.

Behind the Ear & Open Fitting Products

Greatest durability and fitting range. Suitable for all hearing impairments.  Offers great concealment.

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What features do I need to hear well in my environment?

Currently the two features available to help people perform better in noisy environments are directional microphones and noise reduction circuitry.

  1. Directional Microphones: Two microphone systems designed to make the hearing aid more sensitive to sounds originating in front of the listener than the sounds originating behind them. They have evolved to the point that current state of the art directional microphones are able to survey the environment, locate the loudest noise source, and adjust their sensitivity to minimize its effect on the signal.
  2. Noise Reduction Circuitry: The hearing aids ability to identify background noise and minimize its effect on the signal. Hearing aids analyze incoming sounds looking for patterns. Patterns that are highly variable in pitch and intensity are allowed to pass through. Patterns that are constant in pitch and intensity are recognized as background noise and manipulated prior to leaving the hearing aid.

Hearing aid manufacturers offer several levels of these technologies so that more people can benefit from them. It used to be you had to purchase the most advanced, most expensive hearing aids to get these features. Now you can purchase hearing aids that utilize these features at prices that are much more economical. Come in and talk to Dr. Rumsey to determine what combination of size and technology best meets your specific needs.

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Hearing Aid Technologies

Choosing the right model for YOU!

Understanding your lifestyle and listening environments is most important when choosing hearing aid models. The more active your lifestyle and demanding your listening environments are the more advanced and sophisticated your hearing aid needs to be. More private lifestyles require less advanced hearing aids.

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