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What to know about Sun Safety Quiz

Take the quiz below to see how much you understand about sun safety! (click on the "answers" link to see how you did).

True or False?

  1. UVA rays are the most common cause of sunburns. ___________
  2. A sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 10 means that the sunscreen will protect you 10 times as long as without it. __________
  3. You should wear sunscreen throughout the year, even during the winter. __________
  4. Going to a tanning salon can protect you from skin cancer by preparing you for sun exposure. ___________
  5. It is recommended that you have a full-body screening examination for skin cancer performed on a regular basis by your health careprofessional. ___________
  6. Skin cancers are more easily treated than other types of cancer because they affect only the skin, not the internal organs. __________

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