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Avera Medical Group McGreevy

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General Help: (605) 336-2140
Business Office: (605) 322-4900

Avera McGreevy Appointments

We want to make scheduling an appointment with one of our physicians as easy as possible.

Questions We Will Ask

When you call us for an appointment, we will ask if you are currently an Avera McGreevy patient. We will also kindly verify, update or collect some information including:

  • Your name (and the patient's name if different)
  • Current address
  • Birth-date
  • Two contact phone numbers

Online Appointment Request

Click for Care Submit an appointment request to Avera McGreevy by using an online form. Your requested appointment must be at least 48 hours from the current time. If you need to see a doctor sooner, please call us at 605-336-2140.

Online Appointments - FAQ

Below you will find common questions about the online appointment process. If you don't see the answer to your question, please call us at 605-336-2140 for assistance.

How does the online appointment process work?

The process requires you to choose an Avera Medical Group McGreevy location and physician for your appointment. You can then select multiple days and times that work for your schedule. Our schedulers will call you back within 24 hours to verify an available appointment time. If none of the times you requested are available, we will work with you to find an available time. The final step is to enter your patient information. This is necessary so we can accurately prepare your appointment.

Can I request to see my doctor on the same day I'm making the request?

Your requested appointment times must be at least 48 hours from the time you make the request. This is to ensure we are able to respond to your request in advance of your appointment and to make sure your doctor has enough time available to see you in the clinic.

Will you respond to my request within 24 hours if I submit it on Friday evening or during the weekend?

Requests made Friday evenings or during the weekend will be responded to the following Monday. Scheduling staff are only in our clinics during our Monday - Friday business hours. Urgent Care is available evenings, Saturdays and Sundays at specific locations. Please note that online appointment requests are not used for urgent care visits.

Can I make an appointment online if I do not currently see a Avera McGreevy provider?

Yes. We welcome new patients to submit an appointment online with any of our providers. Our website provides a convenient way for you to view our physicians and choose a doctor and request an appointment time best suited to your needs.

Are all of the appointment times and dates listed in the process currently open or available?

The times and dates you can select from in the online appointment process are not necessarily open for your specific doctor. We offer these time periods to cover the general availability of all of our physicians. You can request up to three different times/dates that fit with your schedule to decrease the possibility of choosing an unavailable appointment time.

Are the appointment time periods listed always when appointments start and end (8:30 - 10:00 for example)?

Actual appointment times may vary slightly from the times presented. We understand that each patient has different needs causing appointments to be shorter or longer than the time periods presented. We do try to match your actual appointment time as closely as possible to your request for your convenience.

What if my physician's schedule is full for the next two or three weeks - or even longer?
We understand it can sometimes be difficult to find an available appointment time with a specific physician within a short period of time. The online appointments option allows you to choose an appointment date far into the future if your reason for visiting is not urgent. If you do need to be seen quickly, Urgent Care is available evenings, Saturdays and Sundays at specific locations.You can also call us at 605-336-2140 to discuss making an appointment within the next 48 hours.


Is the information I submit online secure?
All of the information you submit to us is stored in a secure system available for our schedulers to review. Protecting your privacy is always our priority.


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