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Avera Medical Group Pierre

100 MAC Lane
Pierre, SD 57501

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Contact Avera Medical Group Pierre

Use the contact information below for appointment inquiries, account inquiries or any other questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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General Information

General Information 605-224-5901
For our out of town patients, call 1-800-750-5901
Appointments (Dr. Holland/Dr. Richardson/Darcy McClelland, PA-C) 605-945-5255
Appointments (Dr. Meyer/Cindy Erwin PA-C) 605-945-5267
Appointments (Dr. Rob Allison/Dr. Bartholomew/Nancy Gonsor PA-C) 605-945-5277
Appointments (Dr. Barnes/Dr. Gadam/Dr. Plumage/Injections) 605-224-2708
Appointments (Julie Cox CNP) 605-945-5277
Appointments (Dr. Johnson/Rena Robbennolt, CNP) 605-945-5285
Oncology Clinic 605-224-3370
Orthopedic Clinic 605-224-7070
Same Day Surgery 605-945-5210
Surgery Scheduling 605-945-3246
Pediatrics 605-945-5246
OB/GYN 605-945-5201
Fax Numbers
Fax (Main - 2nd Floor Receptionists) 605-945-5295
Fax (Medical Records - MAC #2) 605-945-5296
Fax (Business Office - 3rd floor) 605-945-3244
Fax (Same Day Surgery - 1st floor) 605-945-5084
Fax (2nd Floor Nurses) 605-945-5083
Avera Medical Group Pierre Administrator - Karl Richards
Human Resources/Administrative Assistant  605-945-5214
CFO - Sarah Snyder
Supervisor, Patient Services - Michell Peterson
Patient Portal Support
Phone: 1-888-670-9775


Physician Care Team Contact Information

You can also view our physicians here »

Family Practice
Dr. Kenneth Bartholomew 605-945-5277
Dr. Mikel Holland 605-945-5255
Dr. Robert Johnson 605-945-5285
Rena Robbennolt, CNP 605-945-5285
Dr. Michael Richardson 605-945-5255
Darcy McClelland, PA 605-945-5255
Julie Cox, CNP 605-945-5277
Internal Medicine
Dr. Robert Allison 605-945-5277
Nancy Gonsor, PA 605-945-5277
Dr. Clarissa Barnes 605-224-2708
Dr. Ramesh Gadam 605-945-2708
Dr. Philip Meyer 605-945-5267
Cindy Erwin, PA 605-945-5267
Dr. Darrell Plumage 605-224-2708
Dr. Brent Lindbloom 605-945-5201
Dr. Amy Lueking 605-945-5201
Dr. Jim Minder 605-945-5201
Dr. Jessica Rasmussen 605-945-5201
Dr. Sreekanth Donepudi 605-224-3370
Jamie Hillmer, CNP 605-224-3370
Dr. Marty Allison 605-945-5246
Dr. Bretta Olson 605-945-5246
Dr. Nicole Poppinga 605-945-5246
Teresa Cass, CPNP 605-945-5246
Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and Podiatry  
Dr. Gonzalo H. Sanchez 605-224-7070
Jayne Novotny, PA 605-224-7070
Dr. Stephen Stout 605-224-7070
Molly Jahraus, PA 605-224-7070
Dr. David Lonbaken 605-224-7070
Physical Medicine & Rehab
Dr. Dan R. Rasmussen 605-945-5287
Surgery & Pharmocotherapy
Dr. Brandt E. Becker 605-945-5202
Dr. Eldon Becker 605-945-5202
Dr. Riley Lamb 605-945-5202
Dr. Steve Lee 605-945-5287
Dr. Joseph Wyatt 605-945-5259
Vicki Blake-Nafus, PA 605-945-5259

Account Representatives

Contact an Account Representative

To get in contact with your very own representative, take the first letter of your last name and contact the corresponding representative. Please call with any questions you may have. We are here to help you!

Account Representative Your Last Name Direct Line
Dennis A - K 605-945-5226
Doreen L - Z 605-945-5223
Michell P. Manager 605-945-5221