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Discomforts of Pregnancy

Various changes that occur during pregnancy are considered a "normal" part of the process but can also be uncomfortable. We have included information explaining why these changes occur and how you can ease the discomfort.

Because some of the changes can be abnormal when associated with other signs and symptoms, you should always notify your healthcare provider of any symptoms you are having and methods you are using to alleviate them. Remember, every person is unique so suggestions for relief and symptoms can vary.

Choose from the following discomforts to learn about specific causes and relief options:

Pregnancy Trimesters

Many of these discomforts are referred to by when they occur in the pregnancy cycle. Here is a brief key for the time periods:

  • First trimester - months 1-3 of your pregnancy
  • Second trimester - months 4-6 of your pregnancy
  • Third trimester - months 7-9 of your pregnancy

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