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Benefits of Breastfeeding

Our Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) provide education, assistance and support to breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding provides benefits that last a lifetime.

For Baby:

  • Fewer infections
  • Reduced incidence of allergy, eczema, childhood cancers and diabetes
  • Reduced obesity
  • Fewer problems with diarrhea, Chrohn's disease and celiac disease
  • Improved IQ

For Mom:

  • Faster weight loss (breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories a day)
  • Reduced risk of obesity-related diseases
  • Reduced risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer
  • Improved risk of bone density, reduced osteoporosis
  • Reduced risk breast, uterine and ovarian cancer

For Families:

  • Saves up to $1,000 per year or more on formula costs
  • Healthier babies lead to less stress, less cost
  • Fewer work days missed due to a sick child

Other Benefits to Breastfeeding

There are many other benefits to breastfeeding. Not using formula reduces the amount of wasted materials, benefiting the environment. It also benefits the community by encouraging healthier children so others won't become sick as easily in daycare or school. Best of all, breastfeeding promotes a close bond between a mom and her baby thanks to the close contact and human touch necessary.

Breastfeeding Supplies Available

Breast pumps and a complete line of breastfeeding supplies are available at Avera Home Medical Equipment. For more information please call 605-322-1800.

For questions or assistance, please contact Breastfeeding Support Services at 605-322-4490.

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