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FertilityCare Services

The FertilityCare program at Avera is based on the Creighton Model of Fertility Care, an international program used successfully worldwide for family planning and/or for management of gynecological problems.

The FertilityCare program teaches women/couples how to observe for and chart 'biological markers'. These biological markers not only help a couple to know their time of fertility or infertility, but can also be used by physicians or practitioners trained in this method to treat various gynecological abnormalities.


  • Can increase an infertile couple’s chance of conceiving by 20-80%
  • Is 99.5% effective in spacing pregnancy
  • Can help your physician to better treat a variety of gynecological conditions
  • Involves simple charting based on external observations
  • Can be used at every stage of a woman’s reproductive life, from the onset of menstruation through peri-menopause
  • Is the most acceptable method of family planning or infertility treatment according to the Catholic Church’s teaching
  • Encourages communication, respect and understanding between partners (couples using this method have a less than 2% divorce rate, compared with the national rate of more than 50%)
  • Is inexpensive; considerably less so than contraceptives, infertility treatments, or surgical options
  • Can be used throughout a woman’s reproductive lifespan with no side effects or complications that may result from using other methods

Barbara Giles, RN

FertilityCare Practitioner,
FertilityCare Centers of America

Learn more about FertilityCare at an introductory session for $20. Call 605-322-4434 to register.

Come with questions! If FertilityCare is right for you, couples attend eight private sessions over the course of the next year for an additional fee. Financial Scholarships are available.

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