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Avera eCARE Services

4500 N. Lewis Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104



eICU Equipment Avera eICU CARE links intensive care units (ICUs) to an around-the-clock care team led by intensivists, allowing a critical care team to be at the bedside of you or a loved one every minute of the day. Cameras in patient rooms give the Avera eICU CARE team a firsthand look. Decision-support software continuously analyzes specific data, alerting intensivists to pertinent changes in the patient’s condition. This allows for earlier intervention through coordination with local physicians and nurses before problems arise.

Avera eICU mobile units make this care possible in rural locations where there is not a dedicated ICU.

Avera eICU CARE allows some rural patients to be cared for at their local hospitals instead of being transferred to a larger hospital. This not only benefits you because you can stay closer to home and loved ones, but also reduces health care costs.

* eICU® is a registered trademark of VISICU, Inc.


  • Currently, 29 facilities in our region are wired with Avera eICU CARE technology.
  • Because of Avera eICU CARE technology, 1,102 patients who were initially not predicted to live have left the hospital alive.
  • Avera eICU CARE has monitored more than 55,830 patients since its inception in September 2004.
  • Avera eICU CARE assists bedside teams with compliance with evidence based medicine. In Q4 of 2013, 100% of patients received appropriate prophylaxis to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

 Avera eICU DVT Prophylaxis

What Others Say

Joe Fernholz and his wife AnnaJoe Fernholz of Platte, S.D., is 50 years old and has multiple sclerosis, which means that when he gets sick, it can become quite serious. This was the case when what began as a urinary-tract infection rapidly spread through Joe’s body leading to septic shock on Jan. 6, 2010. When his breathing became labored and his fever spiked, Joe was transferred from the long-term-care facility where he lives to the Emergency Department at Platte Health Center Avera.

While the medical team started measures to respond to his condition, they deliberated whether or not to transfer him the 143 miles to Sioux Falls. Joe’s condition turned grave, and it didn’t appear that he could tolerate the transfer. As it turned out, I-90 was closed due to a blizzard, and the transfer would be impossible. The team took action with the hospital’s Avera eICU mobile unit that immediately linked to the Avera eICU hub in Sioux Falls, which is staffed around the clock with critical-care specialists.

With the local team, physicians and nurses utilized cameras and advanced technology to monitor Joe’s vital signs, medications and test results, providing support and an extra level of specialized care. Avera eICU technology helped bring attention to even the slight changes in his condition, allowing for quick corrective intervention.

Dr. Regg Hagge, Joe’s family physician, credits the teamwork and technology with saving Joe’s life. Both Joe and his wife, Anna, express appreciation for being able to stay near by home under the care of the physician and nurses they know well.

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