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Patients & Visitors

At Floyd Valley Healthcare we want to make scheduling an appointment with one of our specialty physicians as easy as possible. You can call us at (712) 546-3332 or make an appointment.

Before Your Appointment

Clinic Hours

A variety of specialists visit Floyd Valley Healthcare in our Specialty Clinic area each month.  Clinic dates and times vary by specialty, you may view the complete Specialty Clinic Calendar by clicking here. Please note, appointments are typically not scheduled for times later than 4 PM to ensure each patient has enough time.

What We Will Ask You

When you call us for an appointment, we will ask if you are currently a Floyd Valley Healthcare patient. We will also kindly verify, update or collect some information including:

  • Your name (and the patient's name if different)
  • Current address
  • Birth-date
  • Two contact phone numbers

If you are a new patient or have not visited us for a long period of time, we will likely require you to fill out a patient information form when you arrive. This form will ask for a variety of information including:

  • Patient Demographic Form (phone, address, emergency contacts, social security number, etc.)
  • Patient History Form (surgeries, allergies, conditions, etc.)
  • Insurance information (provider company name, insurance ID number, etc.)
  • Forms for our general surgeons (Dr. Jian-zhe Cao, Dr. Shahid Naqvi and Dr. Mark Stelzer) and orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Jay Strittholt) may be downloaded, filled out and brought prior to your first appointment

Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning at Floyd Valley Healthcare is a service that assists patients and their families with homecare needs. The goal is to complete this activity with as much ease and success as is possible.

Discharge planning's effort is to make the patient aware of the available resources to enhance their quality of life when the patient returns to their home environment. Resources available include home health care, therapy, Lifeline, Meals on Wheels and Heat and Eat Meals.

If a loved one is no longer safe in their home, discharge planning can assist in the search for other options. Placing a loved one in a new environment can be one of the most difficult situations one ever faces.

The process of finding the right environment can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Discharge planning strives to provide information for care that is realistic and appropriate for each individual and their family.

This process helps the family understand the social and personal needs of the loved ones, so that together they can find the appropriate care. Discharge planning works closely with patient, family members, and physicians to ensure communication of needs of all involved is being met.

Contact Information
Discharge Planning
Floyd Valley Healthcare
714 Lincoln Street NE
Le Mars, IA 51031
712-546-3378 or 1-800-642-6074 x378

Other Resources for Patients and Families

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