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Cardiac Rehab Department

Cardiac Rehab is a monitored program that helps you improve your heart health by changing your lifestyle.

Floyd Valley Cardiac Rehab offers therapeutic services combined with preventative methods to strengthen your heart and manage heart disease both now and in the future.  A large component of this program is exercise.  Education is also a major component to the control of heart disease.  This program is run by a team of professionals who are specifically trained to treat people with heart disease.  Cardiac Rehab provides the skills you need to better manage your health.


The health care professionals in Cardiac Rehab increase the strength and endurance of their patients after a cardiac episode.  Cardiac Rehab will teach you skills to reduce your risk of future problems related to heart health. The skills include:

  • Knowledge of Heart Disease basics
  • Understanding the factors that put you at risk for another heart problem
  • Learn ways to manage and reduce your heart disease risk
  • Set and meet realistic goals
  • Quitting smoking
  • Managing stress
  • Losing weight
  • Getting exercise


Phase II

Phase II - is designed to help the patients with heart disease to recover faster and live full and productive lives. Rehab includes exercise, education, counseling and learning ways to live healthier lives. It is a safe and effective way to improve your quality of life by:

    1. Helping restore and increase cardiovascular functioning
    2. Educate patients and their families toward a heart healthy lifestyle
    3. Return patient to their independent living
    4. Provide encouragement and rebuild confidence in a supportive and professional environment

      Phase III

      Phase III- is designed to help the patients with heart disease maintain recovery and continue full and productive lives by:
        1. Supervised session to enhance and maintain strength and cardiovascular fitness
        2. Assistance to develop self - awareness of capabilities and limitations
        3. Offered through Physical Medicine Department where there is use of the Treadmill, bike, and upper body strengthener
        4. Blood Pressure and heart rate are checked before and after each session
        5. Cost affordable
        6. Orientation session to acquaint participants with staff and machines

          Support Groups

          "Helping Hearts", a support group designed for individuals with heart disease and their family and friends, meets periodically throughout the year.  This support group provides educational presentations on heart conditions, reducing risk factors, and living a heart healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, this group provides support and opportunity to share experiences with family and friends.

          For more information call: 712-546-3383.

          Diagnostic Services

          Diagnostic services through the Cardiopulmonary Department range from noninvasive procedures to some sophisticated procedures. These services include:

          • Routine Follow-up visits
          • Echocardiography
          • Treadmill
          • Transesophagel Echocardiography
          • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
          • Stress Echocardiography
          • Cardioversion
          • Cardiolyte Stress

          For more information on these tests, please contact the Cardiopulmonary Department at 712-546-3392.

          Contact Information

          Floyd Valley Cardiac Rehab
          714 Lincoln Street NE
          Le Mars, IA 51031
          712-546-3383 or 800-642-6074 x 3383