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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a broad law that covers health insurance and healthcare privacy information. This page briefly covers the law and generally describes what it means to you.  You can also look below to find how to report practices you believe might not be in compliance with the HIPAA regulations.

To find detailed information about HIPAA you can go to the HIPPA page on the United States Department of Health & Human Services website.


HIPAA is a broad law that:

  • Protects health insurance as workers change jobs or become unemployed
  • Provides for privacy, security and confidentiality of health information
  • Makes it illegal to release health information to inappropriate parties or to fail to protect health information from release.

Confidential or protected health information (PHI) is any health information that includes any of the following:

  • Patient identity
  • Medical record number
  • Address
  • Age
  • Social security number
  • Any other personal information that patients are asked to provide

Confidential health information may also include:

  • Why a person is sick or in the hospital
  • What treatments and medications patients may receive
  • Other observations about patient’s condition or past health conditions

Reporting Non-compliance with HIPAA

Hegg Memorial Health Center remains committed to protecting medical information about our patients. We are required by law to:

  • Keep medical information about patients private
  • Give patients notice of our privacy practices as it relates to our intended use and disclosures of medical information about them
  • Follow the terms of the notice that is currently in effect

If you are concerned that privacy rights may have been violated, or if you have questions, please do one of the following:

You may use the online form to report practices you believe may not be in compliance with laws, regulations or our own policies. Under no circumstance will you be penalized or retaliated against for filing a complaint in good faith.