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Whispering Heights Activities

At Whispering Heights we realize how important it is for our residents to be able to do the things that remain meaningful to their lives. The individualized approach to activities used at Whispering Heights ensures the unique needs of each resident are met. Each household identifies the intricate details necessary to fill each resident’s day with meaningful activities. In addition to individual activities, we encourage our residents to be involved in scheduled activities. Calendars are updated each month with specific time and dates for the scheduled activities. We also focus heavily on the activities of daily living, or the daily tasks each of us perform in our home. This helps provide the residents with a sense of belonging and helps them feel useful and valued.

We love to have family and friends visit our households and spend time with our residents. The community and area schools have become very involved by providing programs for the residents and spending time at the facility. Resident’s faces light up and especially enjoy the time spent with the pre-school children from Generations Daycare twice a month.

May 2016 Activities Calendar

June 2016 Activities Calendar

Wheel Chair Accessible Van


Whispering Heights provides a large wheelchair accessible van for the resident's use. The facility has class D licensed staff to take residents to appointments in Rock Valley.

Personal usage of the van will be provided for a fee. Out of town trips will be limited to a 150 mile radius of the community. Overnight trips will not be permitted. Special events will be considered upon request. Please inquire with Nursing, Activity, Social Service or Office staff on the availability of the van.


The cost of the trip will be the responsibility of the resident and/or family member. Resident and/or family can expect to see one charge for the mileage billed out at the federal mileage reimbursement rate and one for staff time spent driving. If the driver's work time exceeds eight hours, and overtime fee will be charged. Residents who utilize Medicaid monies will be limited to medical and dental appointments unless the family agrees to pay for special trips.

Prior to using the van, an estimate of the costs related to the trip will be provided to the resident and/or family. The existence of the van does not diminsh the family's responsibility to the resident. If possible, the family or responsible party should be available at the designated time to accompany the resident to the appointment.

Please contact Whispering Heights for more information at 712-476-8200.

Family Parties

Family Parties

Our facility has multiple different options for family gatherings or parties. The activity room, private dining room, or senior citizen center will be made available to residents and/or families when arrangements have been made with the facility. You can contact WhisperingHeights for availability at 712-476-8200 or stop by the WhisperingHeights office. There will be no additional charges for residents to utilize the rooms. We only ask that you leave the rooms the way you found them, pick up your trash, and wipe tables off when finished. We also ask that respect be given to the other residents living in Whispering Heights while you enjoy the use of our facility with your loved one.



Whispering Heights is always in need of loving volunteers. We utilize volunteer services within the facility. We have wonderful volunteers who help our residents in large group activities. We also have volunteers who visit our residents by providing personal visits throughout the month. Having members of the community share their time with residents is a great experience for both the volunteer and our residents.

Many of the volunteers are scheduled to visit just once a month, but schedules can be very flexible. The activity department is always looking for additional volunteers and would be happy to meet with anyone interested in providing volunteer services. If you are interested in becoming a Whispering Heights Volunteer, please contact the activity department at 712-476-8213 or