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Avera Laboratory Network

3900 West Avera Drive
Suite 100
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Courier Services

Avera – MedSpeed Transportation Network 

Avera has partnered with MedSpeed, an ISO-certified, technology-enhanced transportation service provider, to streamline and unify transportation, improve quality and implement technology to boost security. MedSpeed will move patient and business critical items such as specimens, pharmaceuticals and mail.  Service began June 10th, 2013.

Scheduled Service for Regular Needs

MedSpeed Scheduled service includes stops that visit your location at a fixed time and day of the week.

Sending an item through Scheduled Service

  • Make sure the package is properly sealed
  • For specimens or other sensitive materials, affix a preprinted barcode label or print a label from the MedSpeed website ( click on upper top corner client login, or contact MedSpeed Customer Service to register for label printing capabilities
  • Place the package in the MedSpeed pickup spot at your location

On-Demand Service for Immediate Needs

Some items need to move quickly or on a day when you don’t have regular service. In those instances, you can utilize the MedSpeed On-demand service. On-demand service includes any pickups that are not already on a scheduled route. 

Ordering an On-demand Service

  • Contact MedSpeed On-Demand at 877-434-9366 Option 1
  • Have the following information accessible: pick-up location, address, contact person and phone number
  • Select the Service Type
  • See the list below for the On-demand service standards


MedSpeed dispatchers will work with you to determine if an On-demand pickup can be done on a scheduled basis, based on existing route schedule.

Will Call

Delivered on day of notification, based on existing route schedule.

Same Day

Same-day delivery within standard business hours.

Customer Service

Please call MedSpeed at 877-434-9366 for all customer service needs.  If you have a question related to the transportation network, select Option 2 and you will be connected to MedSpeed customer service. 

In addition, the following individuals may be contacted for any implementation-related issues: