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Modern Era

As McKennan Hospital moved into modern times it became one of the region's best known and most trusted medical centers, receiving full approval of the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Hospitals in 1954. A major expansion in 1957 created a new east wing for the hospital, bringing patient capacity to 208 beds.

New hospital facilities included a premature nursery and neurological radiology as well as air conditioning and fire alarm systems. In 1958, Sioux Falls' first hospital psychiatric treatment center opened on McKennan's fourth floor. Another building addition was made in 1967, increasing capacity to 320 beds. The new addition included specially designed spaces for coronary care and intensive care units.

The creation of an Advisory Board in 1956 helped give advice and direction to the Presentation Sisters' board governing the hospital. A hospital volunteer program was started in 1959. McKennan also became home to a wide range of educational programs, including medical internships, residencies, nursing programs, nurses' aide education and medical technologist training as well as educational offerings for the community.

The hospital’s growth is critical to our ability to serve our community. New technologies and procedures require new facilities; providing state-of-the-art medical care means ongoing improvement and updating.