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Watch videos about the program

Watch the following videos to learn more about the Avera Family Wellness Program. From instructors to family members, researchers to teachers, the Avera Family Wellness Program touches lives and makes a difference in our community.

Suzuki Violin

Andrew Travers - Violin Instructor
Jay Reeve - Violin Instructor
Andrew talks about the overwhelming joy of watching the children perform. Jay had some fears initially. Turns out…he was amazed with the results.
Louisa Biteler - Violin Instructor Coordinator
Garfield Elementary - Concert
Listen to Louisa’s dreams for how this will impact the children throughout their lives. Watch the students showcase their talents for their parents and friends.
Violin Concert
Enjoy the entertainment provided by young students taking violin lessons.

Family Wellness

Beckah Major &
Julie Fieldsend, Family Wellness Coach
Dr. Nicole Christenson,
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Beckah is thankful for the parenting tips that helped her relate to her son and understand his behavior. If we intervene early and build self-esteem, Dr. Christenson believes that kids can learn lifelong skills.

Community Partners

Kiersta Machacek, Principal Hayward Elementary
Donna Wilson, Early Childhood Teacher

Listen to what the principal and teachers are saying about the impact of this program at Hayward Elementary.

Pam Homan - Superintendent,
Sioux Falls Public Schools
Valerie Peters - Early Childhood Coordinator
Investing in the future. Dr. Homan shares the joy that brings tears to her eyes. Check out what Valerie says about our kids and families winning in the game of life.
Louisa Biteler, Violin Instructor Coordinator
Tom Walsh: Sponsor
Lifelong investment. It’s not just learning to play the violin. Tom shares the reasons he sponsors children in the Avera Family Wellness program.

Innovative Research

Gareth Davies, Ph.D. - Avera Institute for Behavioral Genetics
Nature vs. Nurture. Dr. Davies explains the cutting edge genetic research on behavioral disorders in families and children.