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Guardian Angels Watching Over Us

A Holiday Miracle

When Amie Kidd first learned she had colon cancer in July of 2013, she bravely accepted the news. Living in a small town with her husband and three children, she forged ahead with her busy life. Nothing was going to stop her.

Nothing was stopping the cancer either. She was referred to Avera Cancer Institute where she underwent treatment. But the cancer was spreading fast. Time was ticking.

What was about to happen was truly a miracle. But it would not have been possible without financial support from friends like you.

A year after her diagnosis, the head of the specialized oncology research team was brought on board to review her case. After weeks of testing, it was determined that the best course of treatment was typically used for skin cancer patients.

Amie began receiving the treatments and her cancer immediately responded. Today, her tumors have shrunk by 75% and she continues to see improvement every day.

This was a direct result of the cutting-edge research led by the talented group of genomic researchers at Avera Research Institute. But to continue to life-saving research, we need your help today!

Make a Gift Today!

Your gift can change lives in the following ways

  • Test all cancer patients for DNA sequencing upon initial diagnosis.
  • Provide financial support to cancer patients as they wait for treatment.
  • Expand studies, clinical trials and staff.
  • Fund addional research materials, supplies and education.

Because of you, the Kidd family remains optimistic for the future. Make a gift today and help families in our community.

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