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Avera Connect Mission and Principles

Mission Statement:

Through our developed social network, Avera Connect strives to foster meaningful and long-lasting connections for Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center physicians and their families within the community and amongst others in the Avera family.


  • Avera Connect will warmly welcome physicians' spouses and their families, both new and established in the community, into the Avera family.
  • Avera Connect will strive to promote community belonging, connection and involvement for physicians' spouses and their families.
  • Avera Connect will grow an organization that enriches members through friendship and camaraderie as well as rewards our community through service.
  • Avera Connect will demonstrate responsiveness to the family and community needs of its members, as well as potential members.
  • Avera Connect will maintain self-sustainability, through the efforts of an effective leadership team.
  • The members of Avera Connect will fully engage in the activities and resources offered.
  • The Avera Connect leadership team will demonstrate ongoing, thorough communication to all members of Avera Connect.
  • The members of Avera Connect will formulate courteous, appropriate discussion on the discussion board.
  • The members of Avera Connect will promote its services to other Avera McKennan physicians' spouses and families, and while in the general public, present Avera in a positive light.