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Tuition and Fees and Refund Policy

Program Cost

Acceptance Fee:1 $200

Cost First Year Second Year Two Year Total
Total $2000 $2000 $4000
Other Costs
First Year Second Year Two Year Total
Uniforms/shoes2 $250 $250 $500
Textbooks3 $800 $0 $800
ARRT Exam Fee4 $0 $200 $200
Total $1050 $450  $1500
  1. Acceptance Fee - Paid at the time of acceptance into the program and applied to the first year tuition.
  2. Uniforms/shoes - Estimated cost. To be purchased by the student, prior to the beginning of school.
  3. Textbooks - Estimated cost. All books are purchased through the Avera McKennan Hospital Medical Library and paid for at the start of the program.  No refund is given for unused textbooks.
  4. ARRT Examination Application Fee - Application fee for the Registry examination is done in June of the second year.  This fee is the responsibility of the student and is not included in the tuition.

Please note: Repeated courses are subject to a $100 fee per course. The school, in conjunction with hospital administration, reserves the right to alter its fees at the end of each year should it be considered necessary.

Refund Policy

School of Radiologic Technology Refund Policy

In the event a student officially withdraws or is dismissed from the school, they are entitled to a tuition refund according to the guidelines below. These guidelines refer to the enrollment and re-enrollment periods.

Withdrawal Timeline % Tuition Refund
Week 1 80%
Week 2 60%
Week 3 40%
Week 4 20%

No tuition refund is given after that date

The following fees are non-refundable:

  • Acceptance fee (due upon acceptance into the School)
  • Clinical Laboratory fees (due upon entrance into the School)
  • Textbooks (due upon entrance in the School)
  • SDSRT Membership Fee