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Careflight Transport Vehicles

Our Careflight transport vehicles specialize in state-of-the-art, fast and safe travel in emergency situations. Learn more about the various forms of Careflight transportation below.

Rotor Wing

Careflight Helicopter - Rotor Wing

For shorter distances, Careflight's EC-145 helicopter provides smooth, quiet transportation for one or two patients plus medical flight staff.

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Factual details:

  • Eurocopter EC-145
  • cruise speed- 150mph
  • mileage range- one way 400miles
  • seating for 4 crew members and 1 pilot
  • equipped to take a family ride along in most situations

Safety features:

  • Computerized terrain /collision avoidance system
  • IFR-Intrument Flight Rules capable
  • Twin Engines-760hp each
  • XM Satellite Weather Radar-color
  • Digital Flight Tracking
  • Dual Auto Pilot
  • Night Vision Goggle compatible
  • Tail Rotor-greater than 6 feet above ground level

Fixed Wing

For longer distances, our King Air 200 airplane is comfortable and effective, flying two patients plus a family member in most weather conditions.

Factual details:

  • King Air 200 Twin Turbo Prop
  • cruise speed- 300mph+
  • distance-we can go anywhere in the lower 48 states
  • seating for 4 crew members and 2 pilots
  • equipped to take a family ride along in most situations
  • pressurized cabin

Careflight Ambulance

The Careflight ambulance is used for ground transportation to and from the airport as an extension to our fixed wing and rotor wing planes.


Eurocopter EC-145 (Roto-Wing)Eurocopter EC-145 (Roto-Wing)

Interior of the Eurocopter EC-145Interior of the Eurocopter EC-145

King Air 200 (Fixed-Wing)King Air 200 (Fixed-Wing)

King Air 200 ready to receive a patientKing Air 200 ready to receive a patient