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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to wait before I am seen by a health care professional?
Through service and process improvements, our expert staff has brought the average "door to doctor" wait time down to 20 minutes. Please remember, we treat each case individually and time requirements can vary based on patient needs.

How long is the average length of stay in your Emergency Department?
We've taken the necessary measures to reduce our patient's average length of stay to just under two hours.

Will I have to share a room with another patient in the Emergency Department?
No. We designed our new Emergency Department rooms with privacy in mind. Each patient will have his/her own room.

Can I decide which hospital's Emergency Department I am taken to in the event of my illness or injury?
If you are able to communicate, we will take your input into account. However, emergency workers are trained to take patients to the nearest hospital during serious emergencies. In addition, certain insurance carriers will cover treatment differently at various facilities. It is important to research your insurance carrier's coverage in case of an emergency.

Will my child receive care from a trauma trained pediatrician?
Yes. Our Emergency Department physicians have a wealth of experience treating critically ill young patients. Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center is also home to an entire team of pediatric specialists in such fields as neurology, heart, pulmonology, radiology/imaging and orthopedics.

Will I be transferred from one Emergency Department room to another?
Not likely. Every room in our Emergency Department is a universal room, which means that no matter the injury or illness, each room can deliver proper care to any patient, cutting down on waiting time and saving precious seconds when lives hang in the balance.

Is there a private space in the Emergency Department for prayer and meditation?
Private consultation areas, a chapel area for prayer and a grieving room provide the privacy and security you and your family need to learn important information regarding the emergency at hand, make difficult decisions and find a measure of hope and peace in the face of your sadness and anxiety.