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Corporate Health Services
Managing Costs through Health Management

We recognize the unique health care concerns of the workplace. From personalized wellness solutions to tailored employer wellness programs, Avera knows that keeping employees healthy and safe is essential to your business and your bottom line.

Workplace Health and Safety Educator Services

Employee groups can schedule an on-site health educator to deliver a variety of services to employees as follows:

  • Mini health assessments including: blood pressure, weight and body composition
  • Health coaching (15-30 minute slots)
  • Wellness programming promotion and engagement
  • Wellness committee development

Workplace Health & Safety Programs

Let our professional staff deliver your work-site wellness needs. All programs are tailored to fit the culture of your company and the needs of your employees. Each program can be geared towards the topic of your choice. Topics include general wellness, physical activity, nutrition, stress management, and much more!

Monthly/quarterly health challenges

  • 6-8 week wellness challenges for employees
  • Team or individual programming available

Health & wellness incentive programs/campaigns

  • Development of wellness programming based on the company’s needs
  • Ability to intertwine programs with established employer incentives

Wellness workshops/presentations

  • An endless array of topics focusing on wellness can be delivered on site
  • Typically 45 minutes
  • Ability to customize workshops as desired
  • Professional staff delivery

Injury prevention fitness programs

  • Support in the development of programming to aide in preventing common injuries
  • Programs can vary from low-to-high integration

Targeted Health Education Series

  • Formatted monthly education and challenges
  • Topics are predetermined with the employee group and/or employer

Massage therapy

  • Chair massage services brought directly to your organization
  • Massage therapy increases dopamine levels, helping employees feel refreshed and motivated

Group programming

Culture Audit

Avera’s culture audit can:

  • Help an organization examine the environment and make changes for enhancement.
  • Allow employers to make more informed decisions to help support the health and safety of employees.

Tobacco Cessation Programming

Our team specializes in tobacco cessation. Our trained staff will work closely with participants/employers to guide them toward a successful quit process. Our wide-array of offerings can not only support the employee through the quit, but also support the employer through the implementation of a tobacco free campus or the family member who want to help their loved quit using tobacco.

To contact our tobacco cessation programming team, call (605) 322-3875.

Tobacco Cessation Group programs

  • 6 weeks
  • Use the support of others to progress through the quit process

Tobacco Cessation Presentations

  • Group presentations are multidimensional by encompassing all aspects of tobacco use to connect with every type of user
  • Each presentation includes group interaction to help engage participants in applying the skills, techniques and/or method to themselves
  • Presentations can be geared towards the employee group or the administrative team. 

Tobacco Cessation Health Coaching

  • Tobacco users are two times more likely to quit with the support of a health coach
  • Telephonic or on-site coaching sessions will guide participants in understanding tobacco addiction and focus on reducing current use. Participants will benefit from receiving a workbook to provide additional support in learning and preparing for quit process.
  • Learn more about our health coaching services.