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Core Laboratory

The Core Laboratory is composed of the disciplines of Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Immunochemistry, Coagulation and Urine Analysis. The core laboratory is divided into 2 subsections:

  • Automated
  • Manual

This area of the laboratory performs 80% of the volume of testing performed in the laboratory. All testing in the core laboratory is performed on a first in-first out (FIFO) basis using Single Piece Flow and other Lean Manufacturing methods. There is a strong influence of rapid turn around times as well as error prevention and quality management.


The Hematology section uses the latest instrumentation available and provides highly specialized analyses such as reticulated platelet counts, automated reticulocyte counts, immature granulocyte counts and Human Progenitor Cell counting in addition to the more customary and usual testing. The Coagulation section uses the latest instrumentation and measures not only the routine coagulation (clotting) testing but also performs coagulation factor analysis, heparin Xa levels and other highly sophisticated coagulation testing.


The Chemistry/ Immunochemistry section again uses the latest instrumentation and provides over 100 different analytes ranging from the routine to the most esoteric tests currently available. Using instruments and reagents from a variety of major vendors, we are able to provide sophisticated hormone, vitamin, electrolyte, enzyme and protein testing on blood plasma, serum, urine and other body fluids.


The Manual core section provides traditional microscopic analyses as well as rapid kit testing, specialized platelet function assays, traditional urine analysis using the latest generation of flow cytometric instruments to identify the formed elements of urine and arterial blood gas analysis among other tests.

Awards & Accreditations

ISO logo

The first hospital laboratory in the United States to achieve Accreditation to the gold standard ISO-15189 Quality and Competence international standard in both Clinical and Anatomic Pathology.

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Other Awards & Accreditations

AABB Accredited

american association of blood banks

Avera McKennan Laboratory is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

FACT Accredited

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Avera McKennan Laboratory is accredited by the Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT).