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Nutrition plays an important role in your health and the healing process. The purpose of the Outpatient Nutrition Team is to provide follow-up care and support for you and your ongoing nutrition needs. Our specially designed team can help manage your nutritional concerns. If you are dealing with a diagnosis that affects your nutrition status, such as dysphagia, pancreatitis, post-cancer treatment, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or you receive nutrition through a feeding tube or IV, we can assist in your healing process.

Services provided:

  • Perform a complete nutrition assessment
  • Provide follow-up care after feeding tube placement
  • Assist in monitoring and follow up of your nutrition status
  • Offer a resource for you and your family for ongoing nutrition concerns

Outpatient Nutrition Team

Rhonda Duncan

Rhonda Duncan, CNP

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Dawn Johnson

Dawn Johnson, RD, LN

Your appointment with us will be scheduled as a clinic visit. We will communicate your nutrition care plan with your physician. Schedule an appointment by calling 605-322-8630.

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