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Our Radiology Department is constantly evolving so we can provide the best diagnostic imaging support for patients. Radiology services can be vitally important for someone who has suffered an injury or requires a diagnosis.

The Radiology team provides inpatient imaging support and also does testing for outpatients referred by a physician or specialist. Our department is located in the hospital allowing for quick access in emergency or trauma situations.

Avera Medical Group Radiology

Avera McKennan & University Health Center is proud to welcome the physicians of MedXRay to our mission of care as Avera Medical Group Radiology.

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Faster and More Reliable Results

Our integrated RIS/PACS system improves the effectiveness of our radiology equipment and staff by creating a smoother workflow and allowing fast access to imaging results. Physicians on our campus can now access images via the web - even from their homes - instead of waiting for hard copies on campus to determine the best course of action.

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To contact our Radiology Department, call 605-322-1600.