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Dr. Julie Reiland

Dr. Reiland discusses how oncoplasty combines the latest plastic surgery techniques with breast surgical oncology.

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At the time of a breast cancer diagnosis, many women don’t realize that breast-conserving surgery with radiation is an option that offers outcomes and survival rates that are just as high as mastectomy in treating certain types of early stage breast cancer. New surgical techniques, known as oncoplasty, remove the cancer and enhance the shape of the breast. Dr. Julie Reiland, Breast Surgeon with Avera Medical Group Comprehensive Breast Care, has a decade of experience in oncoplasty and lectures internationally on the technique. Not only does oncoplasty effectively treat cancer, it can leave the breasts looking better than before.

When a traditional lumpectomy is performed, the incision is often placed right over the lump – wherever it is on the breast. After the lump is removed, a scar and indentation where the lump was may be visible, and the breast looks deformed.

Oncoplasty incorporates plastic surgery techniques to place the incision where the scar won’t be visible, as well as tightening the skin the same way a plastic surgeon would do a breast lift. Because law provides that women who undergo full or partial mastectomy are entitled to surgery that equalizes the look of their breasts, the other breast can also be reshaped to match the same look, often during the same surgical procedure.

Join Dr. Julie Reiland from the Avera Cancer Institute as she discusses oncoplastic breast surgery, and how it combines the latest plastic surgery techniques with breast surgical oncology.

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