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Avera Queen of Peace Wellness Center

Avera Queen of Peace Wellness Center

5th & Kittridge
Mitchell, SD 57301



Wellness Coordinator


The Avera Queen of Peace Wellness Center offers a wide variety of ways for you to gain strength and for you to relax. We offer personal training, exercise classes, massage therapy - to name a few. Memberships are available for all community members; we also have 55+ rates.

Open 24 Hours a Day!

The wellness center offers 24-hour acces with limited supervised hours for orientation, membership assistance, supervised exercise and personal training.

Supervised Hours

  • Monday-Thursday: 8 am - 7 pm
  • Friday: 8 am - 4 pm

Members under 18

Members under the age of 18 will be required to have adult supervision to use the Wellness Center during unstaffed hours.

Member identified as required constant supervision will have access only during staffed hours. For individuals with identified medical health issues, a physician's clearance will be needed to use the Wellness Center.

Required Forms

Please complete the following forms and bring with you before starting at the wellness center. We look forward to seeing you!



Community Membership Single 2-Party Family
1-Year $307.00 $373.00 $439.00
6-Month $190.00 $233.00 $272.00
3-Month $123.00 $146.00 $167.00
1-Month $51.00 $70.00 $84.00

55+ Rates

This is a program for individuals that are 55 years or older. This rate includes discounts on Avera Queen of Peace Wellness Center Membership and Massage Therapy.

55+ / Full Time Student Rates Single 2-Party Family
1-Year $212.00 $286.00 $350.00
6-Month $140.00 $189.00 $230.00
3-Month $78.00 $108.00 $131.00
1-Month $33.00 $54.00 $73.00

For all other membership options, call 605-995-2445.


Free Orientation

Every client will be taken through a scheduled one-on-one orientation on how to use the cardiovascular equipment and the Cybex resistance training circuit. Call 605-995-2445 to set up your free orientation session.

Personal Training

Personal trainers will help you get more from your workout. An initial consultation and fitness assessment will be performed in order to make a workout based on your individual goals and current fitness level. Call 605-995-2445 for more information.

Personal Training Fee Structure Non-Members Members
Single Session $30.00 $25.00
Packages (Members only) 12 sessions/$130.00
24 sessions/$250.00

Personalized Nutrition Plans (Members only)

The Avera Queen of Peace offers personalized nutrition plans by a Registered Dietitian for current Wellness Center members. The Registered Dietitian will access your present food intake, and then make recommendations to help you reach your personal wellness goals. Call 605-995-2525 to schedule an appointment.

Personalized Nutrition Plan Fee Structure Cost
30 minute initial session $38.00
15 minute follow up session $19.00

Exercise Classes

Core Builder Call for available times
Indoor Cycling Call for available times


Cybex VR2 Resistance Training Equipment

The Cybex VR2 resistance training circuit offers a 13-machine full-body exercise routine that is fun, safe and easy to use. Avera Queen of Peace Wellness Center staff orientates each member on safe and proper use of the Cybex VR2.

Olympic Free-Weights

There is a fully furnished free weight room with dumbbells, 1-120 pounds; 3-way adjustable, incline, decline and flat olympic bench presses; squat rack; leg press; universal machine; seated calf-raise; preacher curl; Smith machine and many more. Personalized routines may be set up with a certified personal trainer.


Cardiovascular training equipment will help reduce the risk of heart disease by increasing the efficiency of your heart and lungs. Programmable treadmills, Keiser M3 indoor cycles, recumbent bikes, elliptical cross-trainers, adaptive motion trainers and Nu-steps are available.


Lockers are available for both daily use and rental. Towels and hair/body soap are available free of charge for showering.

24-Hour Access

Entering Building

The outside doors will have electronic locks and each member will have a personalized proximity card to enter the facility. All members are required to use their own card to enter the facility and sign-in. The same card will have a bar code on it for signing into the Wellness Center by using a scanner at the front desk. It is very important that each client sign-in upon entering the Wellness Center.

Lost or Stolen Card

Please contact the Avera Queen of Peace Wellness Center as soon as possible so that the card can be deactivated and a replacement card issued. There will be a $10 fee for all replacement cards.

Injured While Working-Out

Please report any and all injuries, no matter how minor, by calling 605-995-2555 to leave a message during unstaffed hours or by filling out a suggestion/housekeeping/maintenance form and placing it in the drop-box during unsupervised hours. The Wellness Center coordinator and/or staff will be following up as soon as possible.

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