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Frequently Asked Questions

My family is not Catholic. May we still use your services?

Yes.  We provide our services to all without regard to religion, race, national origin, ethnicity, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

How much does counseling cost?  Will I be able to afford services?

Many private insurance companies and employee assistance programs (EAPs) cover the cost of our mental health services.  We are happy to process insurance claims for reimbursement.  For individuals who do not have health insurance we charge the reduced Medicare rate. We also provide applications for financial assistance upon request.  Once the forms are completed and all supplemental materials submitted, assistance can be determined.

How are clients matched with therapists?

Client-counselor rapport is very important, and clients certainly have a choice with regard to their counselor. They can certainly request a different therapist if for any reason they feel they can connect better with someone else.  One factor that can influence clients in their choice of therapist includes whether the therapist is able to bill Medicare, Medicaid or their specific insurance.

Do the therapists have specific area(s) of expertise?

All of our therapists are generalists who are fully qualified to counsel any client with most types of mental health issues.  However, each therapist also has areas of expertise and heightened professional experience in a specific area.  For example, some have focused more on children and adolescents, others on adults, couples, or geriatric issues.

Is everything confidential?

AMG Behavioral Health fully respects and protects the privacy of those we serve.  Everything said in session is confidential except in several important exceptions required by law.  For example, we are required to report self-disclosures of child abuse or elderly abuse, and suicidal or homicidal threats.

Which types of mental health issues does AMG Behavioral Health Treat?

We counsel clients with all types of mental health issues.  Some of these issues include anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, grief/loss issues (death, divorce, loss of job or health), marital/relationship problems, addictions, bipolar disorder, military personnel and their families (PTSD and TBS), stress arising from abuse or neglect, eating disorders, issues related to adoption, geriatric concerns, domestic violence and anger issues, psychological testing, various adjustment issues at home or at work, and autism spectrum disorders.

What are AMG Behavioral Health therapist’s qualifications?

All therapists have at least a master’s degree. Some have Ph.Ds and MDs.

Can AMG Behavioral Health prescribe medication?

Yes. Our Board Certified Psychiatrist is fully licensed to prescribe medications. Psychiatric services are currently provided in the Yankton office on Mondays.