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Avera Sacred Heart Visiting a Patient

Support of family and friends is integral in providing a healing environment. At Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, we encourage visitation from family and friends. The following are a few guidelines to ensure patient safety and privacy.

  • Please avoid visiting a patient if you are suffering from an upper respiratory problem yourself such as a cold or flu.
  • Avera Sacred Heart has one of the lowest infection rates in the state and nation because we observe good hand-washing policies and infection-control measures. We would encourage our visitors to please observe these same policies and practice good hand-washing as well.
  • Tobacco use is prohibited on all Avera Sacred Heart campuses. To reflect Avera Sacred Heart's regional leadership in health, the tobacco ban was instituted in April 2005. Smoking has been prohibited within the buildings for several years, but now tobacco use is prohibited on the grounds as well - this includes any outdoor property of Avera Sacred Heart facilities.