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Recovery Room Tour

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Women's Services

The Birthing Center at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital provides a warm, comfortable environment for expectant mothers and their family. The Birthing Center includes a committed staff of physicians and nurses providing specialized obstetrical and nursery care in a restful atmosphere.

Fully-Equipped Labor, Delivery and Recovery Rooms

The Avera Sacred Heart Birthing Center has four fully-equipped labor, delivery and recovery rooms (LDR’s) creating a pleasant setting for family and baby during this eventful time. You will experience your labor, delivery and recovery in your LDR and then relocate to a family-friendly room for your post-partum stay. Every room has comfy furniture, television, and a private bathroom along with a place for your support person to sleep so you can spend time together as a family.

Nursery In addition, our nursing staff and certified lactation consultant are available to assist new mothers in initiating and sustaining their breastfeeding decision.

Be sure to bring in your child safety seat for when mom and baby leave. Trained staff will insure that the safety seat is installed correctly and provide special instructions on vehicle safety for baby and the entire family.

To arrange a tour of The Birthing Center or for more information, contact Women's Services at 605-668-8221.



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