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Cancer Support Services

The Avera Sacred Heart Cancer Center brings together many individuals with extensive experience in cancer care. The support team makes available the skills of experts in several areas from Avera Sacred Heart Hospital. Each team member can offer support in a unique way.

Certified Oncology Nurse

The nurse assists and instructs patients, families, and caregivers about daily activities, long term nursing needs, comfort, and pain control.

Social Services

Our social worker is available to help you and your family members deal with the impact of cancer. The social worker can assist you with such practical problems as finding financing resources when income is reduced because of the illness; arranging for child care; obtaining needed equipment, such as wheelchairs, canes, and prostheses; making referrals to agencies that can meet specific and immediate essentials of life; and arranging for home care services and transportation.

Nutrition Services

Proper nutrition is vital to your care. It can help you maintain strength to better withstand any treatment side effects, prevent or reverse weight loss, help fight infections, and generally help you feel better and recover more rapidly. Our dietitian will help you select foods that are appealing and tolerable, but still maintain a correct level of protein and calories.

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care chaplain is aware of the sense of helplessness, grief, and loss that accompany cancer. The chaplain is available for support and to help you express your pain, to counsel you, and to notify your own pastor, if you so desire.

Home Care Services

The professionals in home care services will work with your personal physician and the radiation oncologist to determine a home care plan that best fits the needs of the patient, if home care is recommended.


Avera Sacred Heart Hospice provides supportive care for a patient experiencing a terminal illness, and for their families. The hospice team consists of professionals and volunteers who offer physical, emotional and spiritual support to the patient and family members.

Pain Management

Not all cancer patients experience pain, but for those who do, doctors, nurses and therapists experienced in pain control are available. This team of professionals can answer your questions about pain. They will work with you to identify your individual concerns and develop a treatment plan for relief from pain.