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Hospitalist Program

A hospitalist is a medical specialist who provides quality medical treatment to individuals while they are in the hospital. The time hospitalists spend in the hospital is devoted solely to caring for hospitalized patients. Hospitalists’ responsibilities include:

  • Specializing in all aspects of a patient’s care—from admission until discharge.
  • Working closely with the patient’s primary care physician and/or specialists involved.

About Our Team

At Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, our inpatient services can be provided by Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. hospitalists. Hospitalists specialize in the care of patients that are admitted to our facility. Our hospitalists are board certified and provide 12-hour, seven-days-a-week coverage (from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.). A hospitalist is on site at all times during these hours. Hospitalists are able to provide an uninterrupted presence at the hospital and concentrate their experience solely on working with hospitalized patients. As a result, these specialists are ideally suited to care for patients when they need admission or urgent care.

Depending on the patient’s length of stay in the hospital, he or she may see more than one member of the hospitalist team. The hospitalists involved in the patient’s care will be in communication with each other to allow for a seamless continuity of care. This sharing of information, as well as accurate and complete documentation in the medical chart, helps to maintain a consistent approach to the patient’s care. Patients are referred to us from physicians who trust our experienced team to care for their patients while in the hospital. Once the patient is well enough to leave the hospital, he or she will return to the care of his or her personal physician.

About Our Service

Having a constant presence in the hospital allows hospitalists to:

  • Keep a close eye on the patient, respond quickly to any emergencies and see the patient more than once a day, if the need arises.
  • Be more available to answer patient and family members’ questions and to teach the patient about his or her illness.
  • Help your primary care physician be more available to you. Because we are in the hospital all day, your doctor can be with you in the office with fewer delays and interruptions.

We go to great lengths to keep the patient’s personal physician fully informed of his or her illness and treatment plan. The patient’s doctor is notified promptly of their admission to the hospital and of any significant changes in their condition while hospitalized as well as upon the patient’s discharge from the hospital. When the patient is discharged, the hospitalist will compose a complete summary of the patient’s hospital stay, including his or her test results and a list of medications they are currently taking. This summary is faxed to the patient’s regular doctor on the day of their discharge from the hospital and will be available at the time of their follow-up visit with his or her usual outpatient physician.