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Avera Sacred Heart Chronic Pain Relief

Are you or a loved one suffering from chronic pain? Pain that won’t go away – no matter what you have tried?  Chronic pain affects everyone in the family. 

Patients from throughout the Midwest have found chronic pain relief at the American Pain Relief Institute located on the second floor of the Avera Sacred Heart Rehab & Wellness Institute.  Dr. William Cohen, pain management specialist, offers innovative treatments for pain including Radio Frequency techniques for management of chronic pain, headaches, low back pain.

Video Featuring Dr. William Cohen

Listen live to Dr. Cohen "Where Does It Hurt" on KMNS Saturday morning, 10 am central or listen on-line.


Patients are usually referred by their family physician or specialist but may also set up an appointment on their own.

All consultations require a physical examination and may vary depending how complex the problem.

Medical records will be requested from all physicians who have seen a patient for this problem.  This information assists Dr. Cohen in evaluating what treatments have been tried and their results.  A comprehensive pre-admission process will involve specific patient instructions.  

Dr. Cohen does not prescribe narcotics. The patient’s family physician is in charge of managing the patient’s routine care.  Dr. Cohen will provide recommendations if requested.

Sometimes lifestyle changes, behavior modification, and exercise programs may be recommended and this may be all that is needed.


All treatments require a physical examination.  Treatment time for each procedure varies from 45 minutes to three hours. Diagnostic injections with fluoroscopic guidance may be employed to identify the nerves carrying the pain.

How is it done?

The patient is given sedation. Dr. Cohen then locates, with x-ray, a specific spinal nerve.  A probe is placed through the skin into the area next to the nerve.  Medication is then injected into the area bathing the nerve.  The medications include an anesthetic and steroid.  Within minutes, relief from pain may be seen.

If successful, this diagnostic block may lead to a longer lasting radio frequency procedure. It is not a cure, but when circumstances are correct, it can provide anywhere from six months to two years of high quality, long-term temporary pain relief.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 1-87-RELIEF 4U or 1-877-354-3348 or 605-668-8683 for more information.