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Avera Sacred Heart Tests & Treatments

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital improved its dedication to quality patient care with the installation of a new, ultra high speed Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system in the Diagnostics and Imaging Center.

The new system, a Siemen’s Symphony, is the latest technology available and enhances diagnostics and imaging in the Avera Sacred Heart region tremendously, according to Robin Berke, Director of Radiology Services. The machine operates with a 1.5 Tesla Magnet, one of the strongest magnets available in the medical field, and the imaging technology is the best available on the market today. The machine is located in a specially-designed suite in the hospital and is not a mobile unit.

“The new machine is more patient-friendly,” Berke said. “It's more open with a wider, tapered opening and a shorter tunnel.”
The sharpness and contrast of the images are top of the line, according to Berke. “Not only will patients be more comfortable, but the procedures will be shorter, the images clearer, and the diagnosis easier for the physicians.”

Yankton area patients don't need to leave the Yankton community to have the proper diagnostics done in order to choose a proper treatment plan. The new MRI has the capability to perform a diagnostic test of the liver, bile ducts and gall bladder without using injections or dye. The upgraded machine also has a program which allows physicians to view arteries which may eliminate the need for angiograms for some patients.

This state-of-the-art MRI enables your health care provider to bring a variety of innovative applications and improved care to the Yankton community.

"This technology brings Avera Sacred Heart up-to-date with larger university health centers.” Berke agrees. “This is a great example of the Avera Sacred Heart's willingness to see a need, meet the demand and provide the latest technology possible for the people we serve.”

All the Avera Sacred Heart MRI technologists have undergone training for the new technology in North Carolina.

Picture Archival and Communications System (PACS)

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital is the first and only completely digital, filmless hospital in the Yankton region.  Implementing the Picture Archival and Communications System (PACS), Avera Sacred Heart’s Diagnostic & Imaging Department is now able to provide better quality images in less time than film-based equipment requires. The PACS system is connected to the entire hospital's network.     

Often more than one physician at a time needs to view a medical image of a patient. The PACS system allows physicians to access those images almost immediately after they’ve been taken – regardless of the physician’s location – surgery, the clinic, the hospital – even their home – as long as there is a network connection to the physician’s computer workstation. This system allows for:

  • Unsurpassed diagnostic quality
  • Faster diagnoses
  • Sharper, more accurate images