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Avera Sacred Heart Medical Rehabilitation Unit and Physical Medicine Services

Avera Sacred Heart Medical Rehabilitation Unit and Physical Medicine Services offer the region's leading system of comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehab services. Services include 24-hour medical coverage in addition to a comprehensive rehabilitation program for individuals who have experienced a disabling condition or injury.

Our eight-bed inpatient center is located on the second level of Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, adjacent to the Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Departments. All rooms are private and wheelchair accessible to meet the special needs of our patients.

Expert Team

The members of our Medical Rehab Team are dedicated to helping people with physical disabilities achieve their highest level of independence and functioning. The team includes the patient’s physician, physical, speech and occupational therapists, nurses, social workers, chaplains and other professionals as needed.

The rehab team designs an individualized treatment plan with goals focusing on the patient’s unique needs and preferences. This treatment plan is evaluated at weekly team conferences. Family conferences are held as needed to enhance family understanding and involvement. The patient’s length of stay depends on progress toward goals and the most appropriate level of care.

Transitional Living Apartments

Our patients work on mobility and daily living skills in a transitional living apartment and other environments that simulate real-life settings. Our Transitional Living Apartment is located on the rehabilitation unit. This apartment is specially designed and equipped to prepare our patients for independent living in the community. Our patients may occupy the apartment for a 24-hour period by themselves or with a family member or caregiver prior to their dismissal from the rehabilitation unit. This apartment provides an opportunity to educate the patient and caregiver in the activities of daily living (ADLs) and functional tasks while still in a hospital setting. This apartment stay may help to identify potential needs in planning your discharge.

Swing Bed Program

We also offer a swing bed program. The Swing Bed Program allows your physician to "swing" your level of care from acute medical care to skilled rehabilitation. It is designed to meet your individual rehabilitation needs and enable you to return home and/or to work.

More Services

Our Rehab Services also include aquatic therapy in the two therapeutic pools located in the Avera Sacred Heart Wellness Center.

Nursing care is provided twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Rehab physician directs your rehab course and your medical physician will see you for any medical concerns or follow-up needed.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or wish to tour the Avera Sacred Heart Medical Rehabilitation Center, please contact Lisa Van Heek, Director of Rehab Services, 605-668-8297.