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Golf Performance Training

Training Program Details

Athletic Republic

Avera Sports with Athletic Republic Training offers multiple training packages.

12-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Six running treadmill workouts
  • Six plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

18-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Nine running treadmill workouts
  • Nine plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

24-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • 12 running treadmill workouts
  • 12 plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

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Golf Training

Avera Sports Institute, with innovative principles from Athletic Republic, offers training programs to heighten your performance in golf and ensure you're playing your top game on the course.

Enhance your overall golf skills of flexibility, clubhead velocity and endurance with our off-course training program:

  • Strength exercises with patented equipment affect changes in flexibility, balance and stability
  • Functional training improves on-course performance for power output and core strength
  • Treadmill workouts to improve and maximize both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning

Todd Kolb Golf Academy

Partner With Todd Kolb Golf Academy

The Kinetic Golf Performance Program is a partnership between Avera Sports and the Todd Kolb Golf Academy.

The Kinetic Golf Performance program is an innovative scientific model designed to add power and efficiency to the golf swing.