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ASI Triathlon

Training Program Details

Athletic Republic

Avera Sports with Athletic Republic Training offers comprehensive training.

  • Six- or nine-month training programs
  • Research-based running workouts
  • CompuTrainer Riding System
  • Top level swimming instruction

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Triathlon Training

Avera Sports, with innovative principles from Athletic Republic, offers training programs to heighten your performance in triathlon competitions and ensure you’re running, swimming and cycling your best during the race.

Improve Your Triathlon Skills

Improve your skills in the running, swimming and cycling triathlon events with focused training:

  • Treadmill workouts to increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance by honing proper form and pacing
  • Innovative CompuTrainer software increases cycling power and speed, presents interactive course experiences and helps the rider adjust to the aerodynamic drag factor
  • Swimming workouts to improve stroke efficiency, metabolic conditioning and confidence in the water