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ASI Volleyball

Training Program Details

Athletic Republic

Avera Sports with Athletic Republic Training offers multiple training packages.

12-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Six running treadmill workouts
  • Six plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

18-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • Nine running treadmill workouts
  • Nine plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

24-session package:

  • Pre-/post-evaluations
  • 12 running treadmill workouts
  • 12 plyometric workouts
  • Weight lifting

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Volleyball Player Training

Avera Sports, with innovative principles from Athletic Republic, offers training programs to heighten your performance in volleyball and ensure you’re playing your top performance on the court.

Improve Your Volleyball Skills

Sharpen your overall volleyball skills of serving, bumping, setting and striking with our off-court training program:

  • Treadmill workouts improve and maximize sprint mechanics, running efficiency, stride length and stride frequency
  • Strength exercises to improve lower body power output, change of direction and vertical jump
  • Functional training improves on-court performance by developing foot speed, multi-directional agility and core strength