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Report to the Community

As a nonprofit organization, we are very aware that the resources we have are a trust given to us by the community. Our mission is to provide quality health care services for the people of our community and region with the wise use of current resources, but also with a vision for the future.

It's a matter of balance - balancing our mission to serve all, regardless of their ability to pay, with the need to be solvent and have the means to improve and expand services for the good of all.

Avera Annual Reports

Contributions to the Community

Throughout the year, in our daily operations, Avera contributes back to the community in three ways:

  • Providing care for those who cannot afford to pay
  • Absorbing the differences between the costs of services and the payments from governmental insurance programs.
  • Providing a variety of miscellaneous benefits to the community by offering health education and supporting other health-related services

It is important to note that all three categories are obligations that would have to be assumed by the government and supported by taxpayers if a nonprofit organization did not perform this role.

Funds for Future Investments in the Community

At the end of every fiscal year when Avera St. Luke’s receives any “revenues over expenses,” it is returned to the community through investments in future services, technology, and capital projects. It is with these funds that we plan for updated and new technology, new services, and other improvements.

For more information, contact Administration at 605-622-5230.