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Avera eICU Care

Avera believes the absolute best Intensive Care Unit technology should be available to hospital patients throughout the region. Our new Avera eICU® CARE brings the latest in telemedicine and ICU care to Avera St. Luke’s by connecting critical care experts in Sioux Falls to ICU patients staying at hospitals in the Avera system.

View Video about Avera eICU

To learn more, watch the Avera eICU Care video.>>

How the eICU Improves Critical Care

Avera expanded its critical care resources to include an off-site team led by an intensivist. Working with our on-site Avera St. Luke’s Hospital ICU/CCU staff, this team uses the latest networking technology to monitor and quickly react to any changes in the condition or vital-signs of our patients.

Avera eICU® CARE connects facilities throughout the region, providing an extra level of critical care expertise. Learn more about Avera eICU Care in Aberdeen.

Some improvements the new eICU brings to your care

  • eICU staff provides an extra level of support and expertise for both the patient and our on-site critical care staff and can quickly alert them of patient changes
  • eICU technology can improve physician workflow and makes communication and collaboration between critical care staff quicker and easier
  • Smart Alert software evaluates patient data for important trends
  • The on-site physician is still in charge of ICU patient care

Avera eICU® CARE is a quantum leap in ICU telemedicine.