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BirthPlace at Avera St. Luke's 

Where Small Miracles Happen

BirthPlaceWe're very excited to offer state-of-the-art facilities in our new maternity unit, the BirthPlace, located on the fourth floor of our southeast expansion project. We moved into the BirthPlace in January 2006.

We offer families what they asked for: a serene, spa-like, family-focused maternity service. Our goal is to provide the perfect environment for families to share one of life's most amazing experiences.

Our BirthPlace features:

  • Single room maternity care in spacious rooms, specially designed for privacy and quiet
  • Sanijet whirlpool tubs in every room
  • Triage area for antepartum testing and outpatients
  • Comprehensive, integrated electronic security for newborns, patient, family and provider safety
  • Sleeper sofas for fathers choosing to stay overnight with their new family
  • Entertainment centers with TV, VCR/DVD/CD players
  • Large waiting areas with family kitchen and sibling play space
  • Central nursery with a celestial theme and a rainbow-shaped window, where our Small Miracles can hang out when Mom wants a rest or if baby requires special care
  • Dedicated elevator directly to the Operating Rooms for cesarean births

We look forward to serving you in the BirthPlace at Avera St. Luke's Hospital, Where Small Miracles Happen.