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Avera St. Luke's Hospital

305 South State Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Athletic Republic?

Athletic Republic is the new name for what was formerly the Frappier Acceleration Program. Avera St. Luke's Acceleration program is a proud member of Athletic Republic and utilizes its programs. 

Who is this program for?

Avera St. Luke's (ASL) Acceleration Program isn’t just for all-stars. It helps athletes with all degrees of ability improve. If you really like to work hard, you’re sure to improve speed, strength and self-confidence. Our goal is to help every participant get better, no matter what level you are at when you begin.

What about age limits?

There are none. Athletes as young as 9 have completed our programs, and Avera St. Luke’s offers special programs for ages 9 to 11 and also for the adult recreational athlete. We modify the intensity and duration for each athlete, so the program is safe and effective whether you’re 9 or 99!

What does the program involve?

Each athlete’s training regimen may include the super treadmill, plyometrics, core strength training and balance training.

Running Treadmill will be used to analyze and improve your running mechanics. Using mirrors, we show you any problems with your gait. We help you lengthen and quicken your stride, so you’re faster and more agile. You’ll run at gradually increasing speeds and inclines, so your body gets conditioned to recover quickly from bursts of activity.

Plyometrics are footwork drills to improve your balance, agility, endurance and vertical jump. You’ll gain outstanding body awareness and the ability to move quickly and explosively.

Core Strength Training and Balance Training involves the use of weightlifting equipment, some of which has been designed especially for Athletic Republic programs, to improve your power base. We also use such power building tools like medicine balls, balance balls, balance boards and exercise bands.

What programs are offered, and what is the cost?

We have many types of programs available. For serious athletes over age 11, the full 6- to 8-week program will produce the best results. Shorter programs are intended for younger or older athletes who may find the length and intensity of the longer program a little overwhelming. We offer programs for athletes who are between seasons. In-season programs are also available. 

Cost varies depending on the length and type of program and ranges from $55 to $260. We also have special rates for Northern State University students. Please call 605-626-7967 or 605-622-5871 for the cost of a specific program.

How is Avera St. Luke's Acceleration Program different than what I can get at camps?

Camps teach specific skills for your sport. Our Acceleration Program focuses on building speed, strength, quickness, jumping ability and overall conditioning. Each athlete performs every treadmill and plyometric workout with one of our individual trainers supervising, encouraging, and instructing you. For the same price as a camp you get far more one-on-one time with professionals, and you get four to eight weeks to absorb and practice what you’re learning.

How can I compare this with other conditioning programs?

There is no other program like ours in the world. We use patented equipment designed for and used exclusively by Athletic Republic programs. Our protocols were scientifically developed and tested with input from exercise physiologists, orthopedic physicians, athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapists, and others. In addition, anyone who has been through our program will tell you that the level of motivation and self-confidence achieved is unmatched by other training methods.

How long will my workout take, and how many days a week do I train with Avera St. Luke's Acceleration Program?

Normally our athletes will work out with us two to three times per week. Each workout lasts for one to two hours. In-season athletes usually will work out only one time per week.

What if I can’t keep up with the workouts, or they are too difficult for me?

Our workout templates and protocols are only a guideline to follow. Our Acceleration staff members are trained to modify workouts to the needs of each individual athlete. If the workout appears to be too hard, it will be adjusted so the athlete can complete the session and at the same time find it challenging enough. On the other side of the coin, if the workout is too easy our personnel can make the session more difficult.

How can I contact Avera St. Luke’s Sports Medicine and Acceleration Program?

Please contact Joe Dudley or Theresa Backous by calling 605-229-7967 or emailing Joe Dudley or Theresa Backous. We are located on the Presentation College campus at 2118 North 5th Street in Aberdeen, S.D.