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Balance Program

Falls account for about two-thirds of the serious injuries and mortalities among the elderly, and research has shown that an individual can decrease the risk of falling by being on an appropriate exercise program. 

Neurocom Balance Master

Knowing that Brown County is home to around 6,000 people over the age of 65, our physical therapy department developed a comprehensive balance rehabilitation program. Our hospital was the first therapy provider within a 200-mile radius to purchase a Neurocom Balance Master. This high-tech, computer-controlled device provides accurate assessment and treatment data that helps in developing strategies for regaining balance. The Balance Master, when paired with hands-on work with clients by our physical therapists, can help patients decrease their fall risk. If balance rehabilitation is ordered by a physician, it’s covered by the vast majority of insurance carriers, including Medicare. 

Our Physical Therapy program is committed to continued advancement in client quality care. Our standard of care for the balance client includes:

  • Individualized evaluation including visual screen, vestibular function screen, lower extremity range of motion and strength assessment, and Balance Master assessment.
  • Follow-up letter or phone call to referring practitioner after initial evaluation, and incremental progress updates.
  • Individualized treatment plans based upon evaluative findings.
  • Reliable and validated outcome tools for balance and gait assessment.
  • Home evaluations for environmental risk factors if specifically requested by the referring practitioner or if the client’s condition indicates this level of intervention would be beneficial.

For more information, call Avera St. Luke’s Physical Therapy Department at 605-622-5878.