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Our Team

Avera St. Luke's offers the region’s most comprehensive physical therapy services. Our team of physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and athletic trainers provide the full range of therapy to patients of all ages.

We have the only Balance Master equipment in a 200-mile radius of Aberdeen, SD, as well as other technologies not available in smaller care settings. Our services are available in several locations, with each area designed for specific patient needs.

Outpatient Physical Therapists at Avera St. Luke’s

PT Carl Bot
Carl Bot
PT Jason Gauer
Jason Gauer

Scott Kram
Tonya Myers

Michelle Johnson
PT Chad Falken
Chad Falken
PT Leonard Suel
Leonard Suel
PT Sherry McNulty
Sherry McNulty

PT Chris Albrecht

Chris Albrecht

Contact Us

For more information, call Avera St. Luke’s Physical Therapy Department at (605) 622-5878. For information on specific areas, contact:

  • Jeri Tieszen for Rehab Physical Therapy and Women’s Health: (605) 622-5246
  • Jason Stolp for Inpatient Physical Therapy: (605) 622-5246
  • Jeanine Severson for Cardiac Rehab: (605) 622-5533
  • Sherry McNulty for Aquatic Physical Therapy: (605) 622-5707
  • Avera St. Luke's Therapy Center: (605) 622-5878
  • Director Leonard Suel for Physical Therapy: (605) 622-5145 or Email