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Occupational Therapy

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Phone: 605-224-3162

The Occupational Therapy Department is one of the departments in Avera St. Mary's Rehabilitation Department. The Occupational Therapy staff works with patients of all ages to obtain full potential in fine motor skills. Many of the patients of the Occupational Therapy department have suffered a stroke or head injury and need help in relearning daily activities such as how to feed themselves, brush their teeth and hair, and how to write. A variety of techniques are used to assist the patient in their recovery.

Avera St. Mary's Occupational Therapy Department is located on the fourth floor of the North Building.

An apartment-like setting benefits those who face the challenge of re-learning activities of daily living after an injury, illness, or surgery. Large windows provide an open view of Griffin Park and the Missouri River. Access to this department can be gained from Avera St. Mary's main entrance/lobby. Patient/visitor parking is available in the north parking lot between Avera St. Mary's and Sioux Avenue, on Dakota Avenue, and other surrounding parking lots and streets.