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Mission Statement

It is the objective and purpose of Wagner Community Memorial Hospital-Avera to provide care and treatment of the sick, to provide care and support of the aged, disabled and indigent and to provide for those in need of hospitalization...regardless of race, color, creed or ability to pay.

The Mission and Vision Of Wagner Community Memorial Hospital–Avera

It is the objective and purpose of Wagner Community Memorial Hospital-Avera to provide care and treatment of the sick, to provide care and support of the aged, disabled and indigent and to provide for those in need of hospitalization.

In order to carry out the objective and purposes as stated above, Wagner Community Memorial Hospital-Avera is a licensed 20-bed Critical Access Hospital, providing 24 hour skilled nursing emergency and outpatient services.  It is equipped for surgical and medical patients and provides ancillary services of x-ray, laboratory, and physical therapy, EKG and other normal hospital services, too numerous to mention.

WCMH-A, although located in the city of Wagner, is made available and can be used by all people in this area who are in need of medical and emergency care, regardless of race, color, creed or ability to pay.

Also, in keeping with the afore-mentioned objective and purposes, WCMH-A, as a charitable institution, may periodically offer charitable activities and use of its facility to other charitable organizations within our service area.

Because the facility is certified by Medicare and Medicaid, it is the intention of WCMH-A to comply with all Federal and State regulations and legislation.

The Board of Directors, Medical Staff and Administration of WCMH-A endorse this mission statement. 

The VISION of Wagner Community Memorial Hospital–Avera is to be the provider of choice in the area; to be financially stable and strong; have a solid physician base and physical plant; and to have good relations with other community healthcare providers.

Avera Health Values

In caring together for life, the Avera Health community is guided by the gospel values of compassion, hospitality and stewardship.


The compassion of Jesus, especially for the poor and the sick of body and spirit, shapes the manner in which health care is delivered by Avera’s employees, physicians, administrators, volunteers and sponsors.  Compassionate caring is expressed through sensitive listening and responding, understanding, support, patience, and healing touch.


The encounters of Jesus with each person were typified by openness and mutuality.  A welcoming presence, an attentiveness to needs, and a gracious manner, seasoned with a sense of humor, are expressions of hospitality in and by the Avera Health community.


Threaded through the mission of Jesus was the restoration of all the world to right relationship with its Creator.  In that same spirit and mission, the members of Avera Health treat persons, organizational power and earth’s resources with justice and responsibility.  Respect, truth and integrity are foundational to right relationships among those who serve, and those who are served.


Avera Health Beliefs

From the earliest traditions of the church to the present day, the mission of evangelization to which Jesus sent his followers has included healing as a major part.  “Into whatever city you go, after they welcome you…cure the sick there. Say to them, ‘The kingdom of God is at hand.’”*

Members of the church follow the example of Jesus, therefore, when they carry out the work of healing – not only by providing care for the physically ill, but also by working to restore health and wholeness in all facets of the human person and the human community. Wholeness in the Christian perspective includes not only the physical and emotional, but also spiritual and social.*

In this spirit Avera Health pursues a special vocation to share in carrying forth God’s life-giving and healing work. In addition, the persons and institutions allied together as Avera Health share these beliefs.

  • God permeates all moments of human experience and is present to every person in health as well as sickness, in life as well as death.
  • We support life from conception to death, believing that the journey of life, including the beginning and the end, are gifts of the Creator, entrusted to us for reverent care.
  • The core values of compassion, hospitality and stewardship guide our caregivers and our service.
  • Justice and mercy demand our advocacy for the poor, the frail and the at-risk persons of our society; all persons have a right to basic health care.
  • Our management decisions and delivery of care are motivated by the health and wellness of patients, their families and communities.
  • Our employees, physicians and community partners are our most valuable resources.

Avera Health is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Benedict of Sacred Heart Monastery of Yankton, South Dakota, and the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Aberdeen, South Dakota.  In accord with its Catholic mission, Avera Health adheres to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

Social and institutional wellness are best promoted through joined efforts of various religious and community-sponsored institutions. Choosing collaboration and empowerment enables us to be better stewards of our human, financial, technical and environmental resources.

*Pastoral letter on Health & Health Care, U.S. Catholic Bishops, 1983