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Reasons to Give

  1. It is for the care being delivered inside the brick and mortar.
  2. Charitable gifts make the difference from good to great.
  3. Charitable gifts can build, remodel, and improve space for healing when hospital revenue can not support it.
  4. Charitable gifts can pay for programming that does not generate revenue, but is important to the community.
  5. Giving creates an environment for victory over illness and injury. 
  6. We all have a need to join in and give.  Giving to healthcare saves lives, improves health conditions, and makes someone comfortable at the end of life.
  7. People do not give because of tax breaks, but they do give more when they understand the tax break.
  8. When you or a loved one has a need for health care; from a broken bone to an unexplained pain or heart attack; there is a reliable, local facility to meet your care needs.
  9. So your children and grandchildren can be born into a hospital with the best obstetrics services possible, and to provide for their care throughout their growing years right here at home.
  10. Programs like kidney dialysis, cancer care, hospice and palliative care can continue to give excellent care to a growing number of patients they serve.
  11. We can continue to provide the high quality technology in our health care services, ranging from patient record keeping/charting, consultation with other physician specialists to radiological and surgical/procedural equipment.
  12. It makes sense to have good healthcare close to our homes, and that takes dollars.
  13. We have a duty to help others in our community, someone paved the road before us, and now it is our turn. 
  14. Good healthcare keeps people in our community.  This is a big one.  It is easier for the patient not to have to leave their community, it creates jobs for the local economy, plus people are more comfortable being in a place where they are taken care of by their neighbors.
  15. This gift will help our friends and family during their time of need.  We rely on these gifts to make this happen.