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Swing Bed

Wagner Community Memorial Hospital - Avera offers a special program for continued care beyond an acute hospital stay. This program, called Skilled Swing Bed, allows the patient a short term stay in the hospital before returning home to recuperate or make alternative arrangements. 

The Skilled Swing Bed program is typically used for rehabilitation after an illness or surgery and for intravenous therapy or medication. Examples of services provided include:

  • Recovery from a stroke or accident
  • Pain Management issues
  • Wounds that require special care
  • IV therapy or medications
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy needs after a prolonged illness or major surgery.

Skilled care in the Swing Bed program requires the daily skills of qualified health care professionals, such as registered nurses, physical, occupational, or speech therapists. 

The Swing Bed program is a Medicare sponsored program.  In some instances, private insurance companies will negotiate for their patients to be cared for in a skilled swing bed program. 

Intermediate long-term care is also used as a recuperation period, when the patient requires a little extra care and does not feel like they are strong enough to go home. This is also a short term stay, but does not require any skilled services such as Physical therapy or skilled nursing. Intermediate long-term care is usually private pay, although long-term care insurance may cover some of the costs.